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Employee Success UpRaise now allows setting up punch-in reminders. These reminders will be sent via email to KR owner on specific intervals i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. When you select the option 'none', it will disable email reminders even if reminders are turned on by admins from OKR advanced settings. 


Reminder feature is not applicable for Jira issue type KR.

Steps to set KR punch in reminders

  • Open KR detail page

  • Click on 'reminders' tab at the bottom of the page

  • Select the interval on which you want to receive an email reminder.

  • Select the appropriate date of the next reminder

  • Click on 'save'

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Some important points to know about these reminders

  • Only KR owner will be able to edit reminder settings from reminders tab on KR detail page.

  • If a user owns multiple KRs with the same reminder day, they will receive a consolidated email for all KRs.

  • Reminders tab will not be displayed if admin/super admin has disabled it from OKR

    advanced settings

    >> manage tab.

 Reminder email

This is the structure of KR punch in reminder

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This is how the actual email of KR of KR punch in reminder will look like to the KR owner

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