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From the left navigation, click on Dashboards. At the top, you will see some numbers -

  • Total number of users in the system

  • Total number of objectives in the system

  • Total number of KRs in the system

  • Total number of Feedback in the system

  • Total number of Forms in the system

Top company objectives

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In this section, you can see the overall progress of top company OKRs. It shows the number of OKRs that are on track, lagging, or at risk. These numbers are shown for the OKRs that are In progress or Ready status at the top of the objective hierarchy & same is represented in the chart. Please make a note that this data is only about top OKRs in alignment/hierarchy at company level.

At the bottom in the image above you can see numbers. Total number of company objectives at the top level. Total number of KRs against those objectives and how many of these objectives are aligned at the same or lower level. 

View all link takes you to the company OKRs on browse OKRs page. Mouse over at the top right corner of the section to refresh or minimize this section. 

Team OKRs

In this section, there are two different views i.e. Progress view and Confidence view


In this view, one can see the overall progress of team-level objectives across the company. Mouseover on the progress bars and you will see the average progress of all OKRs assigned to that specific team.

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In this view, one can see the confidence statuses of team OKRs across the company. Once you hover over each bar in its different color sections you will be able to see how many OKRs are At risk, On track, or Lagging in each team. 

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  • All teams link allows you select teams so this view would show the data only around those selected teams. Currently, all teams are selected so if a handful of teams were selected then it would have shown the number of selected teams.

  • Mouseover at the top right corner of the section to Refresh or Minimize this section. This section is handy for comparing progress made by different teams on their respective team OKRs.