ARN provides ‘Stats’ feature to make release notes more insightful for you & your team. To put it simply, ‘Stats’ feature comes up with a number that corresponds to count of issues that are returned by the configured JQL.


Stats can be used at following places

  • Email

    • Email body

  • PDF

    • PDF content

  • Confluence

    • Page content

  • HTML

    • Content

How to use

Clicking on stats would open a pop-up where the system accepts a JQL. And a return value. Return value identifies what kind of data will have to be extracted from the Jira issues that the JQL returns.

Typical use cases may include, informing audience about

  • Issue distribution based on priority, type, assignee etc

  • Time spent on different kinds of issues

  • Story point distribution across different issue types

Currently, the system can return number of issues the stored JQL retrieves. So a typical use of this would look something like the image below.

Note that you can also optionally display the number as a link that leads back to Jira.

Sample stats generated with ARN: