Cross project & in-project release calendars

There are two types of release calendars within ARN.

In-project release calendars, that you navigate to from within a project’s ‘Automated release notes’ screen.

And cross project release calendars, visible from the top ‘Apps’ menu.

If you are not able to see either cross-project or in-project menu, please check the thoroughly.

Project selector is available on the right hand side, only for the cross-project calendar. See below screenshot.

Note that, releases with no start/end dates are not visible on either cross-project or in-project calendar.

One can easily switch between different views for the calendar - Monthly & Weekly. Every version that appears in the calendar will display

  • Version name

  • Version status - Unreleased, Released, Archived

  • On mouse over, version description is also displayed

Versions which do not have a start date will be indicated by arrows pointing left < whereas versions which do not have an end date will be indicated by arrows pointing right >