Difference between Paid & Free versions of ARN app

ARN has a free version available for Cloud hosting on the Atlassian marketplace, which is exactly the same as that of the paid version. There are only a few minor differences between the two that we highlight below.

Over a period of time, the differences can increase, but our endeavor is to provide sufficient value even via the free version.


Paid version

Free version

Rule executions


5 per month

Template previews






Rule triggers



Cross project calendar

Unlimited projects

2 projects

ARN branding

Can be removed

Cannot be removed

Ability to choose where the Release page resources are served from

Can be configured

Cannot be configured

Custom domain/sub-domain for release pages


Not available


Cloud & On-prem

Only cloud

Rule execution limits for free version

  • unlimited remaining - For 2 calendar months, free version offers unlimited actions to be executed.

    • For example, if you installed the app on 7th June you will have unlimited executions available until end of July.

  • 3 remaining - Post the unlimited rule executions period, every successfully executed action is counted as 1 and is deducted from the max allowed 5. This limit is at the instance level. Meaning, if you execute an action successfully on 2 different projects - they will count as 2. If a rule has 7 actions, then the limit will be exceeded in one single execution of the rule i.e. 5 actions will succeed and 2 will fail.

  • exhausted - Once the max allowed limit of 5 is reached, this lozenge will be displayed within the top right corner of the free app. Sample below.

How are number of executions counted ?

Every time any action included in a rule is executed - via automated or manual triggers is counted as an execution. Post the unlimited execution period, free version of ARN allows 5 successful executions per month across given Jira instance. Once this limit is reached, all executions on this instance will be ‘Blocked’ from execution.

It is important to know that even if the execution limit is exhausted, users can still ‘preview’ the release notes directly from the templates & copy them. This way, the free version has more to offer than the out of the box release notes available in Jira.

Now upgrade from free app to the paid one & take all the data with you. Read more here.