Upgrading from Free to Paid app

If you’ve been using the Free app and have found out that the rule execution limit of 5/month is restricting you from making the most out of ARN, please consider switching to the paid version of ARN. Paid version of ARN doesn’t have any limit on number of rule executions.

Free version of ARN is available only for the Cloud hosted Jira, thus this article only applies to Cloud.

We provide one click data migration from Free version to the paid one. Here’s how to do it -

  • Ensure that Free & Paid version both are installed at the same time on your Cloud Jira instance.

  • Make sure that no data is created in the Paid version prior to this migration. If there is, you will lose that data. Migration removes all the existing data from Paid version and then copies over content from Free version.

  • Ask your Jira admin to navigate to the Manage apps → Automated release notes (for paid version) → Configurations. They will see a migrate data screen similar to below.


  • Once you click on ‘Start data copy’, wait for some time & all of your following data from Free version will be available in the Paid version.

    • Templates

    • Rules

    • Widgets

    • Release pages

    • Releases in Widgets & Release pages

    • Settings such as Confluence, SMTP etc

  • Please note that Logs will not be migrated over to the Paid version.

  • Once the data copy is successful, you won’t be able to run it again. If you want to, please reach out to us on our support portal.