Choose how the static resources are served for your release page

Static resources on a release page are hosted and served from a CDN server. However the GDPR/data security rules in some countries restricts this practice. In such case, admins can choose to serve these static resources from the release page domain itself.

  • Static resources mainly include these elements

    • jQuery

    • CSS

    • bootstrap elements

Only available in ARN paid app

This feature is available only in ARN paid app. For ARN free app, this setting shall be always in disabled state and user cannot enable it. Static resources for release pages from ARN free app shall always load from CDN server.


How to enable static resources to be served from release page domain?


  • Go to ARN app and navigate to Release pages and widgets tab.

  • Select the desired release page from release page list.

  • Enable the setting Load static resource from release page domain

  • Save release page configurations.

  • Static resources on this release page shall now served from the release page domain instead of CDN server.