Email notification set up on rule action failure


Currently, there is no way to set up notification emails to be sent to the rule owner/admin when the execution of the email notification rule fails. Because of this, the rule owner/admins cannot know if an email rule action is failed, unless they navigate to the logs and check. To resolve this, we have added an option to define the setting for sending an email notification to the specified users upon success/failure rule action.


Notify on success/failure

Clicking on Notify on success/failure field below dropdown options are available.


Action when option selected

Notify when at least one rule action fails to execute

Only when at least one rule action fails to execute, the selected users will be notified

Notify for every rule execution

The selected users will be notified every time the rule is executed - successfully or unsuccessfully

Do not notify

No users will be notified

Select users

  • Once you have selected the appropriate option, you can add relevant email addresses to Select users field.

  • If the value of Notify on success/failure field is set to - Do not notify, user selector field will be disabled.

  • For every new rule, the default value for Notify on success/failure field will be set to Notify when at least one rule action fails to execute.