What is team profile?

Team Members

team profile is a display team's details. One can navigate to any team profile by simply clicking on team's name on any of the pages in the app. Team profiles are visible irrespective of company directory is published or not. 

  • Team profile shows all details related to the team. In the image above, first highlighted section shows team logo & team name.

    • If there is no team logo, it shows the initial of the team name as a team logo.

    • Only admins/super admins can add or edit team logo. The system accepts any gif, png, jpg, jpeg, bmp & tiff image up to 5mb as a team logo. 

  • In the second highlighted section, you will see information on different team attributes. 

    • Team lead and his/her designation

    • Team description

    • Parent team name

  • In the third section - team members, all team members are listed along with their designations.

Objectives & KRs

This section of the team profiles lists active, scheduled and past team OKRs of the respective team. If you have visibility to those OKRs then only you will see those OKRs.