Uninstalling Roadmap Portal for Jira service desk

You can remove Roadmap Portal app from your Jira in the app administration pages. Uninstalling permanently removes it from your application and file system. If you only want to temporarily remove it, you may choose to disable it instead.

Uninstalling an app removes the app from the application. It also removes the JAR file from the application's home directory. (in case of an on-premise version)

Steps to uninstall

  1. From the application's administration console, click on apps >> manage apps option in settings menu.

  2. Find Roadmap Portal in the app list.

  3. Click on the row to open its details view.

  4. Click the uninstall button.

  5. Confirm the action by clicking continue. When finished, a notice appears in the details view indicating that the app was successfully uninstalled.