How does Typeform integration app work with JSM?

Atlassian's Jira service management is one of the best help desk tools in the industry, especially for software development teams. And Typeform is known for its forms that offer delightful user experience.

Both, Typeform & Jira service management, have detailed REST APIs. This app helps connect the two.

To use this app, you need a free or paid account on Typeform.

Service project admins & agents can configure the Typeform integration. They can providedetailed mappings between Typeform questions and Jira service request fields.

Once the mapping is saved, customers can engage with informative, beautiful & personalised Typeforms and on submission a corresponding JSM request is created.

Typeforms can be personalised using hidden fields and that drastically improves the end user experience. Additionally, by using branching logic in the Typeform questions relevant information can be asked for/made available easily.

All in all, with thoughtful approach engaging and personalised Typeforms can be created to help end users have a fruitful interaction with your support via JSM.

To know more about the app, book a demo or reach out to us via service desk