Server/DC to Cloud migration

As Atlassian has stepped up its Cloud game, lot of teams are moving from Jira Server/DC variants to Cloud. To support this transition, UpRaise apps let you take your existing UpRaise data from Server/DC and move it to Cloud. This can be done via JCMA tool provided by Atlassian. Reach out to us on our service desk so that we can offer our guidance for UpRaise apps migration.

You need to export the UpRaise data to a file and share the exported file with us. We will then import it manually on your newly created Jira cloud instance, where the UpRaise app must be installed already.

Please follow the steps below to export data.

Export data to zip file

While migrating Jira using the migration assistant, choose UpRaise app to migrate along with others.

Once you are done with the migration, you will see migration status as INCOMPLETE and progress as “App data partially migrated.”


Locate export data file

The data will be exported to zip file available at location <jira-app-data-dir>/upraise/export/

Sharing the data with us

You will need to upload the exported zip file to a Dropbox link we share with you. Post that we will import this data on the cloud instance (please share this url with us on the ticket) where you can verify it.