How do I create, edit & delete designations?

Create designation

Designations (also referred as job titles or job positions ) are used to classify users. The designations tab lists all the designations currently available in the system, against the number of users that hold the corresponding designations.

  • Navigate to Company Directory >> Designations tab 

  • Click on Add designation option.

  • Type in the designation that you want to create.

  • Click on Create.

As shown in the below image, you will see the newly added designation in the list.

You can also add new designation on the go when you edit or add user.

Edit or Delete designations

  • Navigate Company Directory >> Designations tab. 

  • Click on Edit/Delete option in front of the designation that you want to edit.


Clicking on Edit opens the Edit pop-up. Make the necessary changes and update.


  • Clicking on Delete will show the confirmation pop-up

  • Click on Delete to confirm the action.