How to add, delete or edit profile sections?

This feature allows admins and super admins to define sections of a user profile. Example, personal information, employment details, past experience, etc. Admins and super admins can create such sections so later on, they can add attributes in these sections example, in personal detail section one can add attributes like address, contact details, emergency contact details, etc. Read for more details on How to add new attributes in profile sections?
At the time of installation, you will see a few default sections added to the system. You can edit them, delete and create new ones of course. 

  • Navigate to company directory >> profile attributes in the left navigation menu. 

Add a new section

  • Click on add section. (shown in the above image)

  • Add relevant section name and its description & click on create.

Editing a section

  • Click action (...) button of the relevant section that you want to edit.

  • Click on edit.

  • Edit relevant details and click on update.

Editing section allows only to edit name of the section and its description. If you want to edit attributes in the section then refer How to edit or delete user profile attributes from sections?

Deleting a section

To delete any section first you need to delete all attributes in that section. If you observe the image below, contact details section has some attributes, that is why there is no option to delete that section. However, in past experience section, there is no data available/not attributes are available hence it provides you an option to delete the section. Read How to edit or delete user profile attributes from sections?

Set section order

As shown in the above images, you can move up or move down sections as per your requirement. Move up or move down option is available in actions button of each section.