What is KR detail page?

When you click on a KR title - be it metric or a to do, you are navigated to the KR detail page. Note that there is no separate detail page for Jira issue as key results. The user is brought to issue detail page when user clicks on issue id/title of 'issue/s added as KRs'.

This image shows what all details are available on any metric type KR detail page.

From the top section of the page

1 - Obj-763 is the id of KR's parent objective. KR-2207 is the id of the current key result, "Reduce app session interval time by 5 seconds".


2 - In second highlighted part you can see different actions like edit, comment or punch in to mark the progress of KR. What actions are available is dependent on logged in user's permissions. More option allows you to delete KR (if you have sufficient permission to do so).

3 - This is where additional details about KR are stored.


If needed you can tag users with at(@) sign in the description to share instruction or information with a specific user.

4 - This is the progress percentage of KR.


5 - Add new option in this section allows you to add Jira issues/epics as actions. You can add these actions only in metric or to do type of KRs, read How to add Jira issues as actions in metrics and to do KRs? Add new actions is available only if relevant settings are true, read How to manage key result configurations?

Alignment section

6 - Alignments part tells you about the parent objective of the KR. 

Attachments section

7 - Attachments related to the key results

Activity section

8 - There are three tabs in activity section i.e. comments, hstory, reminders.


Comments sections allows you to add relevant comments about KR. If needed you tag tag users in these comments @sign.


This tab records history of the changes happened in KR. 


Read How to add KR punch-in reminders? for more details. 

Right section of the page

9 - This part shows who is the owner of KR and the designation of the KR owner.

10 - Here system calculates and shows the real time count of remaining days to reach KR due date.

11 -  Here is the time stamp of the last activity/punch in on the KR. 

12 - In this section, status shows you the start value, current value and target value of KR. The current value (in blue at middle) is the link and you can click and update/punch in the new value from there. Apart from that, in this section, you can see date and weightage of KR. (Weightage: measuring factor to decide how a KR should impact on its objective)

13 - This section shows the alignment of KR with the objective & KR actions(if any).

14 - KR progress section is to understand the ideal progress of KR and the actual progress of KR.

15 - Other details section contains information like name of the creator of KR, who modified the KR last time, creat and last updated dates & when was the last punch in done.

On this page

In this section