What is user profile?

Please note that company directory option in menu will be available only for those users who have access to view users / teams.

User profile is UpRaise user's individual profile that can be viewed by clicking on the username anywhere in UpRaise. User profile page is visible to non-admin users only if they have permission to view users.

Basic user attributes like username, designation, profile picture(Jira avatar), Manager, UpRaise role, teams are shown at the top of the profile page. 


Other user profile attributes

You can click on any username and view a complete user profile. There are three sections/tabs on user profile: 

  • Direct reports

  • Objectives & KRs

  • Continuous feedback


Direct reports

This tab shows the list of user's direct reports. Team members list is displayed along with their basic details like name, designations, manager, teams.


Objective & KRs

This tab lists all OKRs of the user at different levels. These OKRs honor the visibility settings depending on who is viewing them.

Continuous feedback

This tab lists all received & feedback along with notes. Feedback in this tab are visible only if they are visible to you.