How does score calculation work in all UpRaise forms (without sections)?

You can add different types of questions in the templates. Some of these question types - like star rating, multiple-choice, opinion scale, drop-down can be assigned scores at the time of template creation. Let us see how does this scoring work.

While creating a template, UpRaise admin/super admin can decide whether they want to associate scores & weightage with the given questions by checking or unchecking score checkbox in the field settings. When UpRaise admin/super admin clicks on scores checkbox scores will appear in front of the choices. Default weightage of 5 is assigned for any scored question type. The weightage is relative. So the question with weightage 10 will carry double importance as compared to the one with weightage 5, on the final score calculation at the form level.


According to the above image, if user selects one star then the score will be 1, if user selects 2 stars as his answer then the score will 2 and so on. 

Calculation of score

In the below image, you can notice all questions have weightage of 5 and the score for questions is 3,5,4 respectively. (There are only three questions those are associated with scores). 

Weightage comes into picture when the average score at the form level is being calculated. 

Now let us calculate the maximum possible score of this form and actual obtained score of the form:

Actual scores

You can see the top highlighted part mentions Reviewer's score is 4. 

Calculation of this score - sum of (weightage for respective question multiplied by corresponding score received) / total weightage of all scored questions

15(weightage: 5  * actual score:3) + 25(weightage:5  * actual score: 5) + 20(weightage:5  * actual score: 4)

     = 60 / 15 (total weightage: 5+5+5) = 4

Possible scores

Whereas the possible scope of obtaining score in this form for was 4.33 (this will be shown on view responses page and my forms page in scores column)

Calculation of these possible scores will be - sum of (weightage of each question multiplied by corresponding maximum possible score) / total weightage of all scored questions

15(weightage: 5 x score:3) + 25(weightage:5 x score: 5) + 25(weightage:5 x score: 5)

      = 65  / 15 (total weightage: 5+5+5) = 4.33


So the bottom line is, in the below example reviewer obtained a score of 4 out of maximum possible 4.33

You can refer these scores to compare performance of two different users. You will be able to see these scores in reports, on my form page and on view responses page along with maximum possible scores that can be achieved in the distributed form.