How to mark a team as inactive?

When it comes to deleting a team, there are a few restrictions on teams deletion like -

  • No team can be deleted unless OKRs associated with that team are deleted.

  • No team can be deleted unless users associated with the team are removed from the team.

These situations were creating problems wherein teams are formed & disbanded frequently & OKRs shouldn't be removed from the system. To solve this issue, we have added an ability to mark the team as active/inactive. You can also filter teams with their statuses. 


Mark the team as inactive

  • Click on company directory  >> teams tab

  • Click on actions (in front of the team you want to mark as inactive).

  • Click on 'mark inactive'.

  • Update will be saved. 

To mark the team as active, follow the same steps as you'd see 'mark active' option for already inactive team/s. 

All about inactive team/s

When teams are marked inactive these are few quick facts you need to keep in mind - 

  • You cannot add or remove team members from inactive team/s. 

  • You cannot search these teams while creating objectives, sharing objectives/feedback, distributing forms, etc.

  • You can filter active/inactive teams with a status filter on teams page.  

  • You can not mark a team as inactive if it's a parent or children team, you should remove the hierarchy to mark it as inactive. 

  • Marking team inactive does not impact on UpRaise access of its team members.