How to add email reminders while distributing a form?

Now UpRaise allows form distributor to add email reminders while distributing the form. On distribution page, reminders section lets you add maximum of 9 reminders to prompt users who are involved in the process and have not completed the form. 

How to add reminders?

  • Navigate to the distribution page.

  • Click on reminders section


  • Click on set reminders 

  • Add dates on which you want to send reminders. 

What information will be sent in email reminder?

As shown in the image below, you can notice email contains the a short message that reminds user to complete the form.

  • 'Q2 Performance Review' is the template name & 'Sales Team Q2 Reviews' is the distribution name. 

  • Link will direct non-admin user to the view form page whereas admin user will  be directed to view responses page.

  • Date contained in email is the process end date of the form.

  • User can add maximum 9 reminders, only condition is that the reminder dates should fall in between (distribution date + 1 day) & (process end date - 1 day).

  • List of reminder dates will be visible on view responses page.