UpRaise keyboard shortcut keys

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way for you to speed up editing, navigating, and for performing actions without having to take your fingers off the keyboard.

View keyboard shortcuts

  • Choose  at top right of the screen, then choose Keyboard shortcuts.

  • When viewing a page, press Shift .

The Keyboard Shortcuts dialog is displayed and shows commands for the operating system and browser that you are using. The dialog is divided into sections for the following information:


  • Global shortcuts - shortcuts that can be used when you are in any part of JIRA

  • Navigating issues - shortcuts for navigating through issues

  • Issue actions - shortcuts for working with issues

  • App (UpRaise) specific - any application-specific shortcuts. These shortcuts only work in the listed application.

    • UpRaise give feedback: Press u then g

    • UpRaise request feedback: Press u then r

    • UpRaise edit objective/key result: Press u then e

    • UpRaise punch-in objective/key result: Press u then p

    • UpRaise objective contributes to: Press u then +

    • UpRaise objective receives contribution from: Press u then -

For more details read Atlassian documentation here