Year 2020

Version 5.0.2

Release date - Dec 29, 2020
​ Tech
  • Further ​migration related fixes

​ Bugs

  • Non UpRaise Jira admins were not able to access the UpRaise configurations screen, fixed

  • User profile → Feedback tab was missing some feedback messages, now addressed

  • Form shared email notification was navigating users to incorrect link, resolved

  • Search was not working for KRs on Oracle database, quashed

  • Dashboard chart related errors addressed

  • Pagination was not working as expected while viewing listing of team members, fixed

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Version 5.0.1

Release date - Dec 24, 2020
​ Tech
  • ​Migration related fixes

​ Bugs

  • OKR export was failing in the new app, fixed

  • Links in the feedback notifications were incorrect, addressed

  • Default templates were not being displayed in reports, resolved

  • Form response sharing was not behaving as expected, fixed

  • Handled system comments on KRs post migration

  • ExternalId field was missing in API responses for getUser & getTeam, quashed

  • Ready to close OKRs were not being displayed in the To Do gadget, addressed

Version 5.0

Release date - Dec 17, 2020
​ Tech
  • ​Jira 8.14 compatibility

  • Migration to the new consolidated platform

Includes breaking changes, please go through

Version 4.5

Release date - Oct 18, 2020
​ Tech
  • ​Jira 8.13 compatibility

​ Bugs

  • Grade option was failing for closed OKRs, now fixed

  • Another error at the time of upgrade from a very old version now addressed

Version 4.4

Release date - Sep 7, 2020


  • ​Jira 8.12 compatibility

  • Forms module migration is now complete to new platform


  • Bulk sync action in UpRaise company directory was removing admins, now addressed

  • Email notification for comment Mentions had a broken link to the objective, fixed

  • Other minor bug fixes