Version 5.2

Release date - Mar 29, 2021
​ Tech
  • User profile custom attribute delete/update actions performance improvements

    • When a custom attribute was used for 1000+ users (had a not null value for them), taking any action on it was a slow process. That is now addressed.

  • Distribution/distribution user reopen action was taking 20+ seconds to complete. Now resolved.

New features

  • Team list size increased to 25 from 10. Now majority of the times, the team you are searching for will be visible by default.

  • Role is more appropriately now called UpRaise role.

  • Ability to search by OKR title is here on the browse OKRs page.

  • OKR excel export now also populates Team column for KRs for easy manipulation/visualisation in spreadsheets.

​ Bugs

  • JQL progress calculation job wasn’t working based on provided cron expression, now fixed.

  • A customer had reported seeing duplicate users in UpRaise company directory. Now with the upgrade, duplicate users will be removed & their data will be moved to be owned by the earliest user available.

  • Request feedback notification is now gender neutral.

  • Migration was failing if timezone info was not fetched for one or more Jira users. This is now handled. If the user timezone is not available, Jira timezone is being utilised.

  • OKR export showed duplicate rows in some cases, now addressed.

  • When a user was not logged in & clicked on a direct UpRaise link, they were not navigated to the Jira log in page. Fixed.

  • Progress % was not getting updated when an alignment was deleted, resolved.

  • Multiline custom profile attributes were directly sending out JSON values in exports and notifications, crushed.

Version 5.1.1

Release date - Mar 9, 2021
​ Tech
  • Performance improvements across the entire app

New features

  • Info drawer now brings along a consolidated view that shows information about the installed app, license as well as important links

  • OKR progress chart report now supports Quarter over quarter option

  • Browse OKR screen now also displays number of OKRs based on applied view/filters

​ Bugs

  • Export action was not working due to the symlink, issue fixed

  • OKR summary screen was being displayed on the grade page, addressed

  • Impact on WBS gantt chart due to css conflict, resolved

  • OKR views were not working as expected when shared only with one or more teams, corrected

  • Next reminder date was being calculated based on objective start date & not today’s date, rectified

  • KRs were not being searched on when Jira used MySQL database, resolved

  • Alignments for deleted objectives are also now marked as deleted

Version 5.1

Release date - Feb 22, 2021
​ Tech
  • Performance improvements across the entire app

  • App is now Data center compatible (Migration to the new consolidated platform for DC)

​ Bugs

  • In some cases UpRaise was adding # to the Jira urls, fixed

  • Listing of teams now displays 25 records instead of earlier 10

  • OKR visibility bug fix that occurred in a specific condition

Version 5.0.8

Release date - Feb 9, 2021

New features

  • Reports are now available to even non-admin users. Right now only OKR reports are made available. Others will follow soon. Please do remember though, visibility is honoured at all times. If something is not meant to be visible to you, it won’t be seen in the reports as well.

​ Bugs

  • Ability to set/see view id in the url is back.

  • Translated versions of the app were not working as desired when Jira default language and user profile language were same, fixed.

  • Upgrade to V 5.0.7 directly from V 4.5 was throwing errors, addressed these.

Version 5.0.7

Release date - Feb 5, 2021
​ Tech
  • Jira 8.15 compatibility

New features

  • Support for German language is back. What’s more we are now supporting French language as well.

​ Bugs

  • Inactive teams were not called out while searching, now fixed.

  • Objective cycle sequence in dropdowns wasn’t correct, resolved.

  • In a corner case, OKR summary page was throwing NPE. Now it doesn’t.

Version 5.0.6

Release date - Jan 28, 2021
​ Tech
  • Performance improvements on Forms, OKR thumbnail view related screens.

​ Bugs

  • While exporting OKRs to excel, objective id was stamped as null. Fixed.

  • Exporting OKRs to excel also caused grade related columns to present incorrect data along with labels. Fixed.

  • Dashboard was showing incorrect number of KRs for top company objectives. Addressed.

  • OKR filters in views, minor bug fixes.

  • Upgrade issues involving NPE resolved.

  • Form sharing was throwing error in some cases, now resolved.

  • Other minor bug fixes.

Version 5.0.5

Release date - Jan 14, 2021

New features

  • 'Feedback formats' are predefined templates for giving & requesting feedback. Usually the exercise of feedback exchange is daunting if you have to start from scratch. To counter that we are introducing 'Feedback formats'.

​ Bugs

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 5.0.4

Release date - Jan 13, 2021

​ Bugs

  • Form description as well as instructions on questions can now be configured via WYSWYG editor

  • Objective suggestions were not being displayed when Units were enabled, addressed

  • Other minor bug fixes

Version 5.0.3

Release date - Jan 12, 2021
​ Tech
  • Company directory & OKR pages performance improvements

​ Bugs

  • Minor migration related bug fixes