Year 2021

Version 6.1.0

Release date - Nov 30, 2021
​ Tech
  • Jira 8.20.2 compatibility

New features

  • Added provision in the database to block instance-level email notifications based on different event types. Soon, these will be editable from the app UI.

  • Wherever team selector is available, the app now lists down all the teams logged in user belongs to make selection easier.

  • User & Team profile pages now display relevant actions related to OKRs & Feedback.

  • Create another checkbox now allows you to add more than one objectives or feedback messages quickly.

​ Bugs

  • Give feedback permission wasn’t behaving as expected in a certain set up, now corrected.

  • Feedback creation success message didn’t show the user’s name, rectified.

  • Team member & reviewer pairs in form distributions got jumbled on save, improved the UX by making them consistent.

Includes breaking changes, please go through

Version 6.0.1

Release date - Oct 31, 2021
​ Tech
  • Jira 8.20.1 compatibility

New features

  • When hovering your mouse over any Team level objective, the app shows level of the objective along with the team name.

  • OKR cycle & objective status update as well as progress update jobs can be triggered via a manual endpoint.

  • Active objective cycles can be closed via a manual action now, rather than waiting for the job that updates their status on due date.

  • It is now possible to assign custom roles to UpRaise users via the HRMS sync feature.

​ Bugs

  • Exporting the ‘Confidential review’ data didn’t include team member name, now corrected.

  • Minor bug fixes.

Includes breaking changes, please go through

Version 6.0.0

Release date - Oct 19, 2021
​ Tech
  • ​Code refactoring

​ Bugs

  • Bug fixes

Includes breaking changes, please go through

Version 5.9.0

Release date - Sep 23, 2021
​ Tech
  • ​Changed version name from 5.9 to 5.9.0 to address JCMA compatibility issue. No other changes done.

Version 5.9

Release date - Sep 22, 2021
​ Tech
  • Atlassian sdk version updated to the latest available.

New features

  • Support for Emojis in all the WYSWYG editors is now available.

  • OKR confidence score charts report is live.

​ Bugs

  • There was a date related problem when exporting data (for migration from on-prem to cloud). This is now corrected.

  • There were some issues while opening/closing/extending due dates of a form distribution, fixed.

  • Added a validation to prevent user roles turning to ‘No access’ even when the instance access is set to ‘All users’

  • Other minor bug fixes