How to import OKRs in the form?

If the import OKRs option is added to form while designing a template, reviewer will be the very first assignee of the form to import OKRs in the form. Let us see how to import these OKRs in the form. 

  • Open the form from My forms page >> my inputes tab by clicking on view option.

  • At the bottom of the form, click on import OKRs 

Import objectives: A new form status has been introduced when OKRs import is pending and form is assigned to the reviewer. 

If you want you can skip the OKRs import and form will be assigned to team member for self-assessment only with other questions in the form. 

Selecting objectives to import

  • Select objectives from this pop-up.

  • You can make use of filters:

    • Filter by objective cycle

    • Filter by objective status

    • Filter by Date range

  • Click on 'Next'.

System will list down all OKRs of a team member those are in closed, ready to close, ready for grading, carried forward & Abandoned. 

Add weightages to selected objectives

  • The next step is to assign weightage to selected OKRs so system would calculate the score of objectives when you rate them while responding a form. 

  • Click on 'Next'.

Finalize objectives

  • System will ask you to finalize objective selection & weightage, once you finalize, you can not edit them.

After finalizing objectives & weightages, form will be assigned to the team member for self assment of other questions and self grading of objectives. Form will be executed according the normal workflow now from the not started status.