Year 2017

Release Date - 12th December 2017  

  • Automated KR Reminders

    • One of the long-standing requests was automated reminders to key result owners. The intention is to increase OKR adoption & keep the progress updated for as much duration as possible. 

    • One can now set up KR reminders from key results detail page. These emails are dispatched to the KR owners & are completely configurable.

  • 360 Review Base Template

    • 360 review base template for performance reviews now incorporates a lot of feedback points we received in the past month or so. Reporting around this template will be available in the upcoming release.

  • Print Review Form Prints Form History

    • In addition to the form questions & answers, printing a review form also prints the entire form history.

Bug fixes

  • Minor bug fixes

Release Date - 10th November 2017  

Bug fixes

  • Daily job frequency was incorrectly released in the last version. The job ran more frequently than necessary. Although it did not have any functional impact, we would recommend upgrading to this version.

Release Date -09th November 2017  


  • Objective cycle attributes are cleaned up for better usability. Created till date & Edited till date parameters are not available anymore.

    • Consequentially, users can now add OKRs in the past as well.

  • View response page now shows only the filters that are applicable to the corresponding template's workflow. This enhances the filtering experience for UpRaise admin & super admins.

  • Distribute template UI is enhanced for better usability.

  • Review forms activities are now shown within the form view.

  • My forms pages are enhanced via better sorting & addition of historical filter. Any form that is past due 6+ weeks, will be automatically marked as historical.

  • It is now possible to set up automated reminders while distributing a form. On the set date, system will remind form assignee if the process is not complete.

  • Ability to watch a key result, similar to an objective.

Bug fixes

  • Minor bug fixes

    • Review form status colors were not in sync with the lozenge colors, that is now fixed.

Release Date - 13th October 2017  


  • Average scores from forms are now displayed on 'View Responses' as well as 'My Forms' page

  • Ability to delete objective cycles irrespective of the status

  • Easy access to call to actions

Bug fixes

  • Minor bug fixes

Release Date - 29th September 2017  


  • REST APIs - We have started rolling out REST APIs. First in the lot is the OKRs module. REST APIs are now available to search, retrieve details & update progress of OKRs. These are still in Beta. We will soon be rolling out other features via REST APIs.

  • Global Search - UpRaise global search box now allows finding OKRs, Users & Teams. 

  • Gadgets & Reports - Objective cycle status & compliance reports are now available.