Year 2019

Release date 05th December 2019


  • Employee Success server & DC versions now support REST APIs to get the forms data in your own tools for further processing.

  • Now punch-in automatically turns To Do key result status into in progress. Up until now, To Do key results only had Pending & Done statuses.

Bug fixes

  • Minor bug fixes

Release date 15th November 2019


  • App now supports the interface in multiple languages

    • This release only deals with support. In an upcoming release (before EOY) we will ship in German language.

    • REST API added to fetch a list of all teams within Company Directory

    • Read Get all teams

Bug fixes

  • Minor bug fixes

Release date 04th October 2019

Bug fixes

  • Hierarchy view now groups together KRs & Alignments to make them more readable.

  • OKR status was updated a day before due date, in some cases. That should now be addressed.

  • OKR export Excel now includes original value, current value & target value.

  • Confidence score configuration bug introduced in the last release is now fixed.

  • 360 form excel export was revealing reviewer names even when they should have been anonymous, that is now fixed.

Release date 13th September 2019


  • Jira 8.4 compatibility

    • UpRaise is now compatible with Jira 8.4 

Release date 12th September 2019


  • Rest API updates

  • While punching on To do KR, current value checkbox is not checked by default now

Bug Fixes

  • Minor Bug fixes