Year 2018

Release Date - 08th December 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Form distribution page was breaking when a user's key contained a comma, that is now fixed.

Release Date - 03rd December 2018 


  • Revamped Browse OKR experience with deep filtering & ability to choose visible columns

  • Objective start dates are now editable

    • Previously start date of the objective was the first day of an objective cycle by default, now it can be any date between current date & objective cycle due date. 

  • Improved Jira group-based access setting UI for better understanding

    • On the request of a few existing customers, labels/heading of this setting are changed to Grant access, Deny access.

Release Date - 04th November 2018 


  • Ability to edit column list on browse OKRs page.

  • Ability to move KRs (Metric & to do) from one objective to another.

  • Three types of OKR progress reports for all levels of OKRs. Read OKR progress charts for more details. 

    • Progress view

    • Progress over time - Week over-week progress view

    • Progress over time - Month-over-month progress view

  • Ability to bulk sync UpRaise users with Jira.

  • Objectives that do not need grading now will have the status 'Ready to close' rather than 'Ready for grading'.

Bug fixes

  • Minor bug fixes

Release Date - 10th October 2018


  • Continuous feedback REST API is now available. For more details read REST APIs.

  • Progress calculation when Jira issues are KRs is now much more configurable. One can now make use of custom fields on Jira issues to calculate progress on UpRaise objectives.

    • With this change, it is possible for Jira issues to progress as any number and not just 0 or 100 based on resolution.

Bug fixes

  • Minor bug fixes & UI improvements

Release Date - 04th Sept 2018  


  • My dashboard & company dashboards are merged to form a single dashboard with multiple tabs.

    • Soon a team dashboard will be released.

  • Team OKRs progress comparison section now lets the end user choose what team's to see in the chart.

  • Ability to connect feedback with Objective as well as a Key result, in addition to Jira issue. Read How can I request feedback? & How can I give, edit, or delete feedback?

Bug fixes

  • 360 template visibility bug is now fixed.

  • Past dated objective cycle creation bug is now fixed.

  • Logging clean up for Datacenter instances.