How to convert objective from one level to another?

On can convert objectives can from one level to any other level from the existing one. Follow some simple steps mentioned below to convert objectives to any given levels. 

  • Open an objective detail page of objective that you want to convert to another level.

  • Click on more option.

  • Click on convert.

  • To convert an objective from one level to another, user needs to have both permissions to create and edit objectives. If someone has permission to create an objective but not to edit an objective or vice versa, the system error will occur.

  • If you do not see convert option in More dropdown, contact your UpRaise admin to get the permission.  


  • Open an objective that you want to convert.

  • Click on more option in the top section of the objective detail page.

  • Click on convert.

  • On convert pop up -

    • Select the objective level to which you want to convert the current objective.

    • Make necessary changes to all other attributes on the objective. 

    • Click on convert

Steps to convert objective for all levels are the same as explained above. The difference would only be in objective attributes depending on the selected level of objctive. Example - Team objective will have select team option whereas other levels will not.


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