How do I manage roles of users in Employee Success company directory?

UpRaise roles can be managed by admins or users depending on your settings. If you have sufficient Just hover over on the current UpRaise role in front of each user’s name and click on the 'pencil icon' and select the desired role from drop-down and click on update. Updated user will get an email notification about his/her role change. 

  • Even if user/user with company OKRs permissions/admin has permmissions to change UpRaise roles, they cannot downgrade roles of other super admin’s to admin/user/user with company OKRs permissions.

  • Similarly user/user with company OKRs permissions cannot downgrade the role of admin to user/user with company OKRs permissions.

  • Admin cannot make himself a super admin if one super admin already exists in the system. That can only be done by the super admin




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