How do I add & delete objective alignments?

Adding an alignment

For every objective, there are two types of alignments - contributes to, receives contribution from. 

Contributes to

Contributes to means, the current objective is contributing to the progress of other objective/s.  

Receives contribution from

Receives contribution from means, current objective is receiving the contribution from progress percentage of other objective/s. 

These both alignments can be added from objective details page. Receiving contribution alignment can also be created from hierarchy view, whereas contributes to alignment can be created while you create a new objective. 


Note that from v4.1, one objective is allowed to contribute to multiple objectives. UpRaise admins can configure these settings from Alignments section in manage tab of OKRs page. Note that if multiple contribution setting is turned on, hierarchy view will not be visible in UpRaise.  If multiple contribution setting is turned off, system will show an error as shown in the image below. 


Depending on the level of current objective, possible options for alignments are identified. i.e. a company objective can contribute to only a company objective whereas an individual objective can receive  contribution from only an individual objective. Also, any alignments that end up in circular dependencies are not allowed. One can search for an existing objective or create a new one and align it.

Deleting an alignment

Alignments can be deleted by clicking on the 'trash' icon (highlighted below) from alignment section on objective detail page. Deleting an alignment will results in recalculation of progress percentage.


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