How does progress roll up work in alignment?

What is progress roll up?

UpRaise lets you align OKRs at different as well as same levels. Objectives that are at lower level contribute to the ones at a higher level i.e. when progress is made on lower-level objectives, depending on the alignment weightage it impacts the progress of all objectives that directly or indirectly receive a contribution from it.

In the example above, progress update in company obj 3 impacts progress of company obj 1 as well as company obj 2. This roll up can go up to as many levels as required. 

Calculation Example


Let us assume that, in the image above, Company obj 1 is receiving contribution from Team obj 3 & Company obj 3. Team obj 3 alignment weightage is 6 & Company obj 3 alignment weightage is 4. In this case, when Team obj 3 progress reaches 100% - company obj 1 progress goes up by 60%. Similarly, if company obj 3 had 100% progress company obj 1 would have impacted with more 40% progress.
Had the weightage for both children objectives been 5 each, it would have impacted the company obj 1 progress by 50% each.

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