Why I can't create / edit company level, team level or individual level objectives?

This feature has been deprecated since the OKR permissions are not separately handled in objective cycles. Now OKR permissions are managed from roles and permission tab of company directory. Read https://amoeboids.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/UP/pages/2281111558/UpRaise+roles+and+permissions?search_id=43c8dcf5-349d-4695-a7d2-6066ab3bbdd4

While creating an objective at Individual, team or company level non-admin users may get a message "you can't add objectives to this cycle. Only UpRaise admin/super admin can add objectives for all teams"  because UpRaise allows admins & super admins to set permissions for OKRs that restrict or allow certain users from creating new objectives or editing existing once.

This is completely dependent on an organisation's strategies and norms they follow to decide who should have access and who should not. When you receive such message, you can simply contact your UpRaise admin or super admin. 

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