How to carry forward an objective?

Given the 'stretch' recommendation of OKRs, chances are your team may not be able to complete all OKRs in one cycle. Those OKRs may be important enough that they should be worked upon, even in the next cycle. In such situations, 'carry forward' action comes into play.

From v3.9.5 you can also carry forward company objectives.

How to carry forward an objective?

Objective in ready for grading or ready to close can be carry forwarded.

When objective is in Ready for grading

  • Click on 'grade & close' tab at the top of objective detail page.

  • On 'Grade & Close' pop up - 

    • Write remarks and grade all KRs.

    • Click on Grade & Carry Forward.

  • On 'Carry Forward Objective' pop up - 

    • Select objective cycle where you want to carry forward the objective

    • Select a due date and click on 'carry forward'

When objective is in ready to close status

  • Click on carry forward option


  • Select objective cycle and due date

  • Click on carry forward



Important points to note

  • Carry forward option will be available all levels of objectives those are in ready for grading/ ready to close status.

  • Status of the old objective will be changed to 'carried forward'.

  • The objective will be cloned as it is with objective and all the KRs & their progress.

  • The first action in history will be 'carried forward from Obj-X'

  • A new objective will start its lifecycle as a normal objective (scheduled/ready/in progress)

  • Users with access to view an objective can grade and carry forward that objective.

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