What type of objective visibility options are available?

UpRaise provides two options for objective visibility settings(previously called as 'share with' settings)

  • All users

  • Shared with selected teams or users

All users

Any user who has access to UpRaise will be able to view these objectives.

When you want to share an objective with all UpRaise users, simply select an option of all users while creating an objective. When you select all users option, the objective will be shared with all UpRaise users by default. Everyone will be able to see all the activities, comments or history, as well as, they will be able to mark progress and write comments, grade objective at the end, edit grades, etc. Of course, whenever needed you can change visibility settings from edit objective.

Shared with selected teams or users

By sharing with a team - you are keeping the visibility dynamic. Anytime a user is added to that team, that user will automatically get visibility & vice versa. Whereas when made visible directly to users, it doesn't matter what team these users belong to. Do notice that if needed, one can use both options (select teams & select users) at the same time.

Objective visibility settings are same for all objective levels. 

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