Concepts - Review Forms, Templates, Distributions, Workflows

Review Forms 

Templates & distributions are collectively referred to as review forms. 


Templates are a handy way to conduct periodic performance reflections & assessments. In fact, templates can be multipurpose. Whether you want to conduct a company-wide survey or want votes on a quick poll, you can make use of different templates. 

Many a team already have established processes for conducting these formalized reviews. Some conduct self-assessment coupled with manager's assessment whereas some have a more elaborate process of 360 feedback in place. UpRaise strives to address all these variations through templates, distributions & workflows.

In essence, these reviews differ from continuous feedback in 2 aspects - continuous feedback is supposed to be 1) a few lines (ideally not more than 5)  & 2) fairly frequent (at least once in 2 weeks).


Each template can be distributed multiple times. This addresses most frequent use case of being able to design a questionnaire once and then use it multiple times. 


Each base template is associated with one or more workflows, that you can select from (do note that this is different from a Jira workflow). Workflows make sure that responsibility for completing each of the forms are handed over to the right person at the right time. 


Right now workflows within UpRaise are not available for your customization but if you need a variation, just drop a request at

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