How do I create, edit & delete a template?

UpRaise comes with 4 types of base templates. Each of them serves a different purpose & behave differently according to the workflow assigned.

Creating a template

Ability to create a new template is by default available to UpRaise admin & super admin. Non-admin users can also be given permission for the same from roles permissions tab on company directory page.

To create a new template, navigate to forms menu under administration. Click on templates tab and then click on create new template button.

You will see a pop-up with base templates as shown in the image below.


Click on next and depending on the selection, corresponding workflow selector will be displayed. If there are more than one workflows available, you will have the ability to choose one of them. 


After clicking next on this step, you would be brought to the form builder screen where you can add different types of questions to the template. Form builder screen will display different tabs based on template type that was selected in the first step.


When you click on 'save' or 'save & next' the template will be saved in the system. 

Editing an existing template

Ability to edit questions in a template is available only until the template is distributed. Once distributed, questions in the template cannot be modified. Click on forms in administration, then click on templates. You will see a list of templates you have created and saved.

Under the distribution column, you can see how many times a template is distributed. If the template is not distributed ever (i.e the number is 0) then you can edit that template. Else you can only view, clone or delete the template.


Deleting a template

Deleting a template wipes out all the data associated with it - including distributions. Thus you are advised to double-check before deleting a template.