How can I tie a feedback to one of the Jira issues?

While giving feedback one has the ability to tie it with a specific Jira issue, it is not mandatory though. Whether issues from certain projects are available to be associated with continuous feedback will be dependent on project restriction settings done by your admin/s.

As shown in the image below, clicking on give feedback option opens up a pop-up. Select Jira issue as feedback type.


After selecting Jira issue as type, issue field is displayed on the pop-up. Search for an issue with issue id in basic search or with JQL in advanced search mode.

Then search for the user name in feedback by field. Define the visibility of the feedback. Select feedback tag & label. Write your feedback message and save it.

Once associated with a Jira issue, these feedback exchanges are also shown to the relevant users on the corresponding issue detail page under the UpRaise panel.

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