How to use insight view?

Any feedback that is shared with you will be visible to you on this page. It can be given by you, received by you, shared with you or even your private notes.

In above image, you can see, first user’s feedback insight view shows all his feedback. To do same with other users simply click on the user row to expand the view.


You can also use different filters to search feedback for specific users (receiver of feedback), creator (one who provides feedback), feedback tags, labels, date range, Jira Issue. You can add multiple usernames in user and creator fields to get insights for a set of users. If you are a manager, you can check the direct reports option and system will automatically fetch data of your direct reports (as per UpRaise company directory set up) and show data for your direct reports.

Export feedback data

You can export entire data to excel sheet to use it for further manipulation.


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