JIRA issue is in its final state yet the progress is not 100% in UpRaise?

Progress of a Jira issue in UpRaise is based on the 'resolution' field, except when the Jira issue is an 'Epic'. Whenever the resolution field is non-empty UpRaise will report its progress as 100%. This is independent of the Jira issue status.

For example,



Above issue shows up its progress as 100% in UpRaise because resolution is set as 'Done' (anything non-empty)



Whereas here resolution is empty



and thus the progress within UpRaise will show up as 0%



Whenever you see the progress not updated in UpRaise even when the JIRA issue is at its final state then just check the resolution field. If it's not set refer this link to know more about 'how to set resolution field from the workflow'.

Essentially, your workflow should be set up in such a way that it sets the resolution field on relevant status transitions.