Version 3.6

While we have released over 40 iterations of the server version of UpRaise, we had failed to document the elaborate release notes at a singular place. From this release on, our endeavor will be to post all the important information surrounding the release version here.

Release Date - 11 Jan 2017            Version - 3.6

  • UpRaise Onboarding on Installation - Up until now, there was the somewhat twisted procedure to get you started. One had to configure an UpRaise admin, who in turn had to set things up by either looking at the documentation or playing around with administration screens. This has given way to an elaborate onboarding wizard which takes the JIRA administrator through a multi-step setup process. Along the way end user also gets lot of additional information in the form of help text & contextual links to make informed decisions. Do note that the onboarding wizard appears only on fresh installation.

  • Ability to Enable/Disable Features - UpRaise has a diverse client base, each one with its own peculiar needs. One of the frequent demands was letting the UpRaise admin choose what features to use. e.g. you may want to use OKRs but not Continuous feedback or performance reviews. Now whatever your choice is, you have the capability to switch on/off features. The top menu & left-hand navigation will appear accordingly. 
  • Ability to Create & Align an Objective from Hierarchy View - If you've already grown accustomed to the hierarchy view of OKRs in UpRaise, this neat enhancement will make you fall in love with it. You can create the entire hierarchy of objectives - right from a company down to the team & individual while remaining in the hierarchy view. The easiest way to define OKR goals in the top to bottom manner.
  • Actions on KRs in List View - One of the major advantages of having OKRs within JIRA is that now they are a part of your routine. Similarly, we want you to keep the progress updated & reduce the friction in doing so through a number of UX enhancements. This belongs to one of those efforts. Ability to take actions on KRs was already there in the thumbnail view, same has been extended to the list view as well.
  • Quick Access to Vital Actions - From all the UpRaise screens, now you can Give & Request Feedback, Start a conversation or even quickly punch in progress on an OKR. Everything is just right in front of you.