How to categorise form templates?

Once you start creating and adding new templates, you would have a long list of templates after some time. To make that list easy to use or to organize it in a better way, we have introduced a new option to categorise templates. Let us see how to use this option. 

  • Navigate to forms >> templates.

  • Click on actions in front of the template that you want to categorize. 

  • Click on categories.


  • Add the relevant category or select it from existing ones. 


  • Click on save.

Using these categories, one can easily organise form templates. It also becomes easy to find the relevant template as they can also be filtered using these categories. One can follow the same steps to remove these categories or to add multiple categories to the same template. 


A few typical examples of the template categories are - Exit form, onboarding form, general review form, monthly survey for vendor support, etc. 

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