How to move Key results?

Sometimes it is necessary to move KRs from one objective to another. Now you can move metric and to do type KRs. Option to move KRs is only available to user who has editing permission for both the objectives(source objective and target objective). 

Move KR action is available on the following pages 

  • KR detail page


  • Browse OKRs page(actions column - list and thumbnail views)


  • Objective detail page



  • User profile page


  • Team profile page 

From these places, you can execute move KRs action. 

  • Click on move option from any of the above pages.

  • Select the target objective and click on move. 

Quick facts about move KR action

  • To move KR/s, source and target objective can be of any level. 

  • Once the KR is moved, history of both source and target objective will be updated with relevant records. 

  • Target & source objective's progress will be updated according to the progress of moved KR.

  • If the source objective was in ready for grading status and the moved KR was graded, those grades will be deleted and drafted grades of source objective will get recalculated. 

  • In target objective, moved KR will be added as ungraded, you can grade it if/when the source objective is in ready for grading status. 

  • All these changes will be recorded in objective and KR history. 

  • you cannot move Jira issue and Jira issue(via JQL) KRs. 


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