What are different OKR confidence statuses in UpRaise?

There are three types of confidence statuses for objectives.

  • At Risk
  • Lagging 
  • On Track

Once you create an objective and set the due date, the progress should be made on regular basis. If the ideal pace of progress is maintained then confidence status will always be on track. Actual calculations are as follow - 

  • If actual progress is equal to or greater than 0.95x ideal progress, obj is 'on track'
  • If actual progress is less than 0.95x ideal progress and more than 0.75x ideal progress, obj is 'falling behind'
  • If actual progress is less than 0.75x ideal progress, obj is 'at risk'

Following are some examples of confidence statuses.

At Risk


On Track

Once an objective moves into ready for grading the confidence status stops appearing. It is also not displayed for abandoned, closed, carried forward statuses. Reason being, post all these statuses objective stops making progress.