How does Roadmap Portal app work with Jira service desk?

Atlassian's Jira service desk is one of the best help desk tools in the industry, especially for software development teams. 

Roadmap portal for Jira service desk extends it further with the ability to manage your product/service/technology roadmaps. Its integration with Jira service desk helps your JSD admins and agents manage the product roadmap in a systematic way. 

Also, customers can view your product/service plans on the roadmap portal. The portal link can be easily generated with a path. The public/private/restricted portal can be customised to meet your branding needs. Roadmap portal lets customers access your product/service roadmap, vote/comment on feature requests. They can also add comments on all items on the roadmap. 

All of this is possible with simple and quick set up within the app where you can define your JQLs to display relevant issues on the roadmap that are reported by your customers on your JSD portal. 

To know more about the app, book a demo or reach out to us via service desk