OKR punch-in report

When you are doing OKRs, it's not only about setting up OKRs. After setting up OKRs, it is equally important to to update the OKR progress consistently and frequently. If you do not really follow that, it might be one of the reasons of failing in OKRs. To keep the tab on whether teams & individuals are updating OKRs, we are introducing OKR punch-in report in v3.9.1 of UpRaise. 

What is OKR punch-in report? 

UpRaise admins can navigate to this report from Reports page of main menu. Once you click on OKR punch-in report, you will see a few filters at the top. By default, report is generated for all UpRaise users for last 30 days from the current date on week over week frequency. 

This report shows you the number of times users have punched-in their OKRs in last selected days on selected frequency. So let us see how you can filter this report - 

Frequency - You can see punch-in report on week over week or month over month frequency. By default set to week over week frequency.

User - This filter option lets you select one or more users when you want to see user specific, team specific data. type the username or click on search icon for bulk user search. By default shows all user's data.

Duration & Date - By default, this filter is applied for last 30 days from the current date. You can choose any given duration or a custom date range. 

Check the image below to see how would an actual report will look like. 


With the help of Punch-in report, one can notice how frequently people are updating their OKRs. This also helps you to figure out the adoption of OKRs is going well or not.

Of course, this is a very basic report as it's the very first update of this report. We will add more abilities and improvements in upcoming releases. Feel free to share your suggestions on our service desk.

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