What is Jira issue tab on view form page?

You can get a quick list of Jira issues assigned to the team member for given review period or the current quarter. This tab lets you take a quick look at the Jira issues team member worked on. Reviewer can refer these Jira issues while responding a form or survey.

How does this tab work?

  • This tab will list all Jira issues team member has worked on.

  • There will be a default JQL query that will list down all the Jira issues of the reviewee for given review period of the form.

    • assignee WAS 'alvera mann' DURING ('2018/01/01', '2018/03/31') (default JQL query)

  • If review period is not defined while distributing a form, then it will show list of Jira issues of the current quarter on which reviewee has worked. 

  • You can also select different issue fields/attributes (Maximum 4) as columns and see a customised data around those Jira issues. 



  • This list will also display all Jira  issues on which reviewee has worked in past even if he/she is not the current assignee of that issue.

  • Issue tab will be displayed only if the form distributor has checked an option to 'show issues tab' while creating a template. 

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