Launch checklist

Once done with pre-launch/preparatory activities, it is time to move to the actual launch process. Here is a quick handy checklist to manage the launch efficiently:

  • Ensure the UpRaise set up is ready

    • All users, their profile details should be ready & cross-verified

    • Team structure should be in place

    • Features that you've decided to use should be enabled, rest disabled

      • Feedback tags should be customized if using

      • Objective cycles should be customized if using

      • Project restrictions, if necessary should be set up

  • Executing the communication strategy

    • Send an invitation email to each of the participating employees (we recommend the entire company, but in some cases, it is wise to start with a limited set of users). This email should ideally be coming from the executive sponsor to impress the importance of the initiative.

    • Make use of company events & other communication channels to spread knowledge about the initiative

    • Share resources and any other external/internal documentation

    • Host AMA type sessions with your executive sponsor & champions in the hot seat

    • Share the critical use cases for driving better adoption

  • Making Champions accountable

    • Involve champions through every step

    • Hold them accountable for success/failure of the initiative