UpRaise ToDo gadget

Setting up UpRaise ToDo gadget

UpRaise to do gadget is a list of pending actions those user needs to take. Once you add this gadget to your dashboard, it will be loaded with list of pending actions. 

What all information is shown in this gadget?

This gadget lists down three important pending actions. 

  • Pending feedback requests

  • Pending form inputs

  • Objective grading reminders

  • Links in these actions direct user to the appropriate pages of the app. Pending form & objective grading links would direct to the form response page and objective detail page respectively. 

  • Whereas respond to feedback link opens up a feedback response pop-up as easy access to the appropriate feedback.  

How to delete this gadget?

  • Click on a drop-down arrow at the right side of gadget window.

  • Click on delete.

  • You will be asked to confirm action.

  • Once clicked on OK, gadget will be deleted from your dashboard.