Reopen an objective

Once an objective is closed, no one can edit it nor the progress can be updated by owner or any other user who can view that objective in closed status. However, if necessary, such closed objectives can be reopened by UpRaise admins and super admins. 


  • Navigate to the objective detail page of the objective that you wish to reopen.

  • Click on 'more'.

  • Click on 'reopen'

  • System will ask for confirmation.

  • Once confirmed, the objective is reopened and updated with 'ready for grading' status. 

Once reopened, existing grades will remain in place (if the objective was graded). These graded will behave as if they have been 'drafted' by respective creators. History will be updated with the reopened activity. An email will be sent to the objective owner to notify that the objective is reopened and back to ready for grading status. 

Reopen action is available only on objective detail page. 


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