Jira issues/epics as KRs or Jira issues/epics as actions?


There are two schools of thought with regards to whether Jira issues make for good key results or not. While we think there is no harm in making Jira issues/epics as key results of UpRaise objectives (this has to be done mindfully though, not every Jira issue can qualify as a key result), there are a handful of customers who think Jira issues/epics should not be key results. They think its better to connect them with key results as actions (sometimes called as initiatives).

UpRaise now supports both approaches. In fact, one can configure both to be possible at the same time, but we don't recommend that.

Jira issues as KRs

If you look at image below, there are only two layers in the OKR hierarchy, i.e. Objective and Key Results. Take a look at When to use each type of KR - To do, Metric, Jira issue & Jira issue via JQL? to know more about KRs. 

So in this approach, Jira issues or epics can be added as key results. They in turn will have an impact on objective progress. UpRaise allows you to configure Jira issues and epics in a way so the progress calculations can be done in various ways depending on issues contained in the epic & sub-tasks contained in issues. Read How does the progress calculation of Jira issues and epics works? 


Jira issues as Actions for KRs

This way one can add Jira issues or epics as actions within metric and to do type KRs. These actions will not have any impact on the progress of metric or to do. However, their purpose is to provide a connection between day to day tasks (i.e. Jira issues) & the expected end result (i.e. Key result).

Example - You have a metric KR that says 'Reduce page loading time by 5 seconds'. To reduce the page loading time you will have some issue within your Jira, that particular Jira issue can be added as an action within the metric KR.

This is a typical example of metric and Jira issue, however, the metric can be anything related to your technical and nontechnical projects and it allows you to add Jira issues and epics as actions from different projects at a time. Take a look at the image below to understand the hierarchy.


Although UpRaise current configuration settings allow you to use both approaches together, we recommend following only one approach at a time. Using both approaches simultaneously can create confusion on when a Jira issue/epic should be a KR & when it should be an action.